Saturday, May 20, 2006

Posh socks

Not much knitting progress to report. I had hoped to nearly finished with Metis, but I've been feeling shattered the last few days and so have barely picked up the needles. What I have done, though, is joined the posh yarns sock club. I can't wait to start getting those little packages of cashmere goodness each month!

Speaking of socks, I don't actually have any OTN at the moment, most unlike me. I shall have to try and remedy that as soon as possible. I've got some lovely burgundy regia silk that I think might look good as Hedera, so will have to dig out the DPN's :)


Blogger Helen said...

Woo, posh socks indeed!

Sorry to hear about your camera troubles. It all sounds very frustrating.

5:37 pm  

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