Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sock wool!

This is the sock wool I bought last week

The colours are a little darker than they appear on this picture but I appear to be going through a reddy pink phase. It's funny, as I don't normally wear these colours and didn't conciously set out to choose sock yarn all from the same colour palate but I'm feeling really inspired by them.

The two balls at the front are the Regia Silk which began their transformation into Hedera earlier today. The two behind that are Regia Bamboo which is the softest sock yarn I've ever felt. The ball on the far left at the back is Regia Havannah, but I'm not sure what the name of the colour is. There is a picture on the ball band of the yarn knitted up and it looks very similar to Opal Rainforest Flamingo, just a little lighter. The yarn in the middle of the back row is Regia Uni and I've got two 100g balls of this which I'm planning on using for knee high cabled socks. and finally, the one on the left is Regia Canada in Manitoba. This is a nice stripy one that is screaming "jaywalkers" at me.

I bought all of these from this seller on ebay, who is fantastic. She's really helpful and very speedy.

Metis continues, albeit slower than expected. This is partly due to a demanding baby badger, but a horrendous hangover that lasted all Saturday might also have had a tiny role to play in this!


Blogger Auntie Noo said...

Well, I really hope your jaywalkers are a success ;). Go on do the toe - up, you know you want to!! I'd be interested to know (in the future) how the regia silk washes and whether they get a bit harsh in time (some silk and cotton things do don't they)

7:32 am  
Blogger Bronte said...

Looking forward to seeing your Hedera socks. Jaywalkers are a lot of fun; I'm knitting my second pair because I liked doing the first ones so much.

1:41 pm  
Blogger Rachel Berlemont said...

I saw a post on angel yarns website about a Rowan 'Birch' shawl, would you please e-mail me the pattern? It looks really pretty and I would like to attempt to knit it in the future!
Many thanks

7:20 pm  

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