Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Unfortunately not a real holibag, but a break from the blog. I'm still knitting, but not that much and it's nothing interesting anyway. I'm trying to sort out an awful lot of things in my life right now, and anything that distracts me from what I need to focus on has to go. I may come back to blogging, I might not.

Thanks for reading and commenting over the last year and a bit, it's been fun :)


Blogger jillm said...

We will miss you Badger. Take care and I hope life gets smoother from now on.

8:29 pm  
Blogger Caroline M said...

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do so we'll see you when you're back.

Before you exit - I still have some yarn for you.

8:48 pm  
Blogger Piglottie said...

I too will miss you, but real life comes first. I hope you get things sorted out. Take care.

11:23 pm  
Blogger Queen of the froggers said...

Best wishes, I'd like to see you back but if not take care and keep on knitting!

6:16 am  
Blogger clarabelle said...

Take care and hope you're back soon, Badg!

Life is such a swine when it interfers with really important things, like knitting and blogging, doncha think?

7:15 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't you just tune in say at least once a month? That's not too much of us to ask is it? You can't just drop off my computer.... I will have to delete you off my right hand side!! Please, you knit nice things and I want a nosey...

8:10 am  
Blogger Aknita said...

You take care - I had great fun at Woolfest with you, and of course we both love "our" team with a passion.

I hope life sorts itself out for you.

4:17 am  
Blogger Sarah said...

Good luck getting the sett straight - hope you do come back :o)

10:00 am  
Blogger Fiona said...

Hope to see you soon. I enjoy reading your musings and practical tips/rants about knitting. Hope you get everything done that you need to do.

9:54 am  
Blogger Kendra said...

I hope that you are ok. It is definitely more important to focus on real life first and blogging second. I love reading your blog and if you do come back I shall be ready and waiting to hear from you.

3:40 pm  
Blogger Christina said...

Hope you're OK. Good luck with the knitting and stuff!!

7:23 pm  
Blogger Seahorse said...

Hope you do come back. Best of luck with sorting out all your 'stuff'.

7:29 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's me again, and having spoke to you last night, I have no option but to put in another two peneth's worth...... I see no valid reason why you cannot carry on blogging. You are spending your time doing things that can quite easily be given up for blogsville! Just think of the simple folk out there who will be at a very loose end should they not have your blog to read...... It brightens their day and is often the only pleasure they get...... Come on, you don't want to let them down, do ya?

11:02 am  
Blogger TutleyMutley said...

Having just taken a holiday from blogging myself and not been as polite and warned everyone like wot you just did, I can sympathise. But WE WILL miss you! Can't come to Ally Pally as I will be running round like a headless chicken worrying about our liddl amateur stitch n bitch exhibtion: k-tog. Have a lovely time.

11:46 pm  

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