Thursday, May 25, 2006

Finally! Progress Pics

This is Metis so far. It's turning out to be incredibly simple and fast (when I get the chance to atually knit), and I think this is a top that I will wear a lot.

The colour disparity on the first piece is because I was too lazy to work with two yarns, alternating them every few rows. In real life, the difference isn't quite so noticable, and as that's the back and I have very long hair I'm not overly concerned by it.

The Hedera socks are also coming on nicely, now I've finally managed to commit the pattern to memory. There are a few mistakes in the first few pattern repeats, but nothing major. There'll be a progress piccie of them soon, once they're a teeny bit bigger.

A friend of mine is visiting from Swizerland, and she's a knitter too, so tomorrow we're going to go and check out the Wool Baa. Claire is my only "real life" knitting friend, so I'm really looking forward to going yarn shopping with someone!


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