Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The full story

So after yesterday's pathetically brief post I shall now fill in the gaps. The job interview was for a post as a library assistant, which is something I have always wanted to do. The interview went well, but there was a literacy test afterwards and the heat had obviously addled my brain and I made a few mistakes. I should be hearing about it in a few days, so will let you all know if I get it.

The knitting injury is a problem with the ring finger on my left hand. When I knit socks I balance the needles on this finger (hard to describe, I may try and take a photo to explain what I mean) and I am getting achey pains in the finger, simiar to RSI style pain. I'm knitting a few rounds at a time rather than working on it solid for a few hours in one sitting and this seems to be helping, although my progress is slower than I want. The socks have to be ready by Friday, and I've only just got about a third of the way down the leg of the second sock. There may be some panicking about this as the week goes on.

The two books I got delivered were Mason Dixon Knitting and Knitting on the Edge. I absolutely love MD Knitting - it's not filled with truly unique, breathtaking patterns, but is a treasure trove of ideas, inspiration and fills you with confidence to find your own knitting style. I also like the fact that the majority of the patterns are for the home, an area of knitting that doesn't seem to always get the attention it deserves.

I already own Knitting over the Edge and so was expecting good things of its predecessor and I wasn't disappointed. This book has an entire section devoted to ruffles - how cool is that?! I think this is a better book than "over the edge" for me, as there are more edgings that I would want to incorporate into my knitting.

And I also got my posh sock club yarn today - the first lot never arrived and so Dee dyed some more for me. She also said she felt bad about it not arriving so sent me 100% cashmere instead of the usual sock yarn! This shop has amazing customer service, and I really can't recommend it enough. The colour is called carnival and is a lovely mix of purple, pinks and oranges. Very scrummy!

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As I mentioned yesterday, I have been starting to think about breaking out from slavish pattern following and designing garments for myself. I have several ideas, but I figure I'll post more about them and ask for loads of advice once I've finished the current WIP's :)


Blogger Helen said...

Scrummy cashmere!

Fingers & hooves crossed for good luck with the job :)

9:59 pm  
Blogger dreamcatcher said...

Keeping fingers crossed for the job!

MDK and Knitting on the Edge are great books :-) I want to make that pink capelet with the roses :-D

Love the sock yarn, I imagine pure cashmere is just *wow* :-)

11:31 pm  
Blogger All the Way With Knitting said...

"Lasso" yarn is a nightmare if you don't use lots of handcream .So make sure those knitting mits are soft !

2:37 pm  
Anonymous Jess said...

Do your neighbours think you're a little strange because you keep taking wool into the garden to photograph...!!

3:29 pm  
Anonymous Northern Monkey said...

You should get round to trying the 2 circ method and see if that eases your aches...

I would have put numbers at the end I think. I prefer letters anyway. And it makes more sense. There's lots of numbers. LOTS. You might never get to the letters for the numbers. IT MAKES SENSE!

7:57 pm  
Blogger Bronte said...

Listen to that monkey. :-) I don't get finger problems with dpns, but I do with circs, so there you go... Thanks for the sock yarn info. I don't NEED anymore, but it'll help heal the wound of not having green and brown sock yarn.

You're bound to have got the job. They're going to want to have a diverse range of employees, and I'm sure therre won't be any other badgers working there at the moment!

7:40 am  
Blogger DianeM said...

Have you heard yet??? I hope you get the job and that your finger aches and pains are not worsening. I'd love to meet up at Ally Pally and would happily (attempt to) teach you to spin :-) I'll email you closer to the time.

6:51 am  
Blogger Melody said...

Oooh what scrummy yarn!

Hope that your finger is feeling a little better, and that you have heard positive things about the job interview.

Debs xx

5:34 am  
Blogger acrylik said...

I have my fingers crossed for you about the job - working as a library assistant has always sounded like one of those dream jobs!

Hope the rest you have given your hands is working out.

That sock yarn is just gorgeous - I *so* want to sign up to the sock club but can't justify it just yet - not until I use up my Woolfest stash anyway (in 10 years time!). So I shall just live vicariously through everyone's blogs!

9:37 am  
Blogger Catknit said...

cor that yarn looks really good, best of luck with the job.

10:53 am  
Anonymous Lyonheart said...

That yarn is truly edible - did you get the gift socks done on time? Hope you find a way of coping with the RSI type pain.

- and good luck with the job :-)

5:01 pm  

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