Saturday, July 29, 2006

Too hot to knit

I can't stand this weather. I'm not one of those people who whines on about the British weather - I like wind and rain and sleet and general coldness so this is normally a great place to live, but right now I'm wilting badly. I had made up my mind that I was going to finish knitting the second regia sock today (whoosh - that was the sound of the deadline racing by) but I managed 8 rows of the heel flap this afternoon before having to give up.

I also tried to carry on with the baby cardigan which is the tulip cardigan from the Rowan Book of Ultimate Knits. It's a very sweet simple girls cardigan with just a lttle bit of lace to add interest, and I'm knitting it in Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino in a subtle duck egg blue. The pattern calls for Rowan handknit cotton, but it's knit at a very tight gauge for a DK yarn (7.25 spi on 3.25mm needles). I swatched for it using some Paton's cotton from the stash, and whilst I got gauge the fabric felt too stiff for a little person's cardi, so out came the baby cashmerino. This is thinner than a DK but slightly heavier than 4 ply and gives a beautiful drape so I'm happy with that. What I'm not so chuffed with is my complete inability to follow the most simple of charts. The pockets have a lace tulip motif on them which is worked over 19 stitches. The chart is correct, the placing of the chart within the pattern is correct but for some reason I keep ballsing it up. It's a present for a friend who's baby is due in the next few months, so I really want to just get it done and move onto something more exciting. Instead, I've spent 2 hours tonight repeating the same 4 rows over and over trying to work out what I'm doing wrong. Maybe it will make sense tomorrow. Maybe.

I have been sticking to the stashalong really well this week and haven't even felt tempted by any yarn. In fact, I even got rid of one ball from the stash! I swapped a ball of Opal Tiger for Socks Soar on 2 Circular Needles by Cat Bordhi. I've only flicked through the book, but I'm finding her writing style irritating so far. Hopefully I'll overcome that and use the book for my next pair of socks, I really do want to learn that technique.

Having felt very smug at having decreased the stash, I was surprised this morning to find myself the proud owner of a new ball of sock wool. The lovely Melody had offered to send me some windy hat thingummys for my ball winder and also put a bar of galaxy and a ball of sock wool in the pack! Thanks Debs :) The colours are so me, I can't wait to knit with it!

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Apologies for the blurry photo - I really do need to buy a better camera - and the colours are paler pinky and purple than the photo appears. There's no information on the ballband as to what the fibre composition is, but it feels exactly like opal. There should easily be enough to get a pair for me and baby badger out of this ball, so we won't have to fight over who gets the pink goodness!


Anonymous angie cox said...

Ghastly weather ..I managed to knit again yesterday after about a week of being bored to tears as it was too hot to pick up knitting.

8:58 am  
Blogger Rain said...

I hear you on the heat front, roll on winter.

I love the pink yarn.

Hope that pattern starts to be have itself.

9:21 am  
Blogger blog-blethers said...

Looks like our mutual rain dance worked, badger! Yippeeeee!!

8:03 pm  

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