Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Sometimes I get bored of big projects and need a little one to while away a rainy afternoon. So I knitted a hat.

It's from Colinette's Jelly Allstars book, knitted in some tagliatelle I bought from their bargain section when I went to the mill shop. Small person likes it so that's all good.

The i cord jumper has stalled for 2 reasons. Firstly, I missed a cable cross on a sleeve and so need to do some surgery. It's a wee bit more complicated than I'd like, but is still fixable without tinking, provided I have a bit of peace and quiet in which to do it. Unfortunately I haven't had any of this for days now, so the jumper will have to wait until the kids have been dosed with gin (or sent to ex badgers house for a few hours). The other reason the jumper is no longer being worked on is that I don't think I have enough wool. I checked the details of the recommended yarn (Mission falls 1824) and I have exactly the same amount of yarn as the pattern requires. I'm using DB cashmerino aran in teal that I bought from Pictish a few weeks ago (surprised you didn't recognise it, Ali!), but my basic maths skills lead me to believe I'm running out too fast.

I deliberately chose to knit the back and then a sleeve so I could see if this took less than half the yarn, but it's actually taken just over half. As there is a neckband to knit as well, there's no way I'm going to manage with just 13 balls. I'm going to have to buy 2 more balls to make sure I have enough, but they will be a different dye lot so I want to use them on the tops of the sleeves, working 2 rows with the major dyelot and then 2 rows with the new. I've ordered the wool and so hopefully it won't be too long before the knitting resumes.

There were some great ideas for the scarf type thingummy in the last lot of comments, but i've still not decided. If you've got any more ideas then keep 'em coming!


Blogger Alice said...

Oh, cute, cute, cute! That hat and that Little One are gorgeous.

There's a great post on Yarn Harlot about how to perform "surgery" on errors on cables. I saw it in the last few weeks but can't remember exactly when. Good luck!

10:19 pm  
Blogger nanatoo said...

Lovely hat and girly :) Sorry about the yarn situation, and the cable whoopsie . Sounds like you'll come out right in the end though.

6:39 am  
Anonymous angie cox said...

I love Tag . and is that Florentina? That along with Neptune are big favourites .Lovely hat too.

6:50 am  
Blogger Seahorse said...

Cute hat!

What a b***er about the I-Cord jumper. Sounds like you're on top of the rescue mission though. Good luck!

7:35 am  
Blogger Cherry Rolfe said...

Do you know,if I had had a hat like that when I was little I think the whole course of my life would have been different! It is so wonderful! Good work!

9:57 am  
Blogger Helen said...

Cute! (hat and BB!)

Good luck with the jumper - it'll be worth the hassle in the end, I'm sure :)

10:24 am  
Blogger Hawkesley said...

Baby Badger looks very cute in her new hat!

10:38 am  
Blogger Melody said...

I hate it when those kind of things happen :(

Love the hat though!

11:10 am  
Blogger Piglottie said...

Adore the hat, and what a cute badger modelling it! Hope you get the yarn shortage sorted OK.

12:37 pm  
Anonymous northern monkey said...

Ooooh. My friend picked up a hat JUST like that this weekend and demanded I knit her one. Please will you stick yours in a cloning machine and post it me? Ta muchly.

12:48 pm  
Blogger Catknit said...

Sounds like you're feeling a bit better now, the hat is fab and I'm sure you will work things out with the jumper, I'm not a fan of them myself but if all else fails you could do 3/4 length sleeves.

3:11 pm  
Blogger Bronte said...

If you've got the right meterage of yarn for the sweater, maybe the pattern is wrong. *worries* Assuming you've checked your tension and all... :-P

That's a very splendid hat. STill doens't meet the tiny one's Hat Standard, though. :(

3:38 pm  
Blogger acrylik said...

Great hat and beautiful model :)

How frustrating about the cable jumper, hope it all works out.

7:37 pm  
Blogger Seahorse said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8:54 am  
Blogger Mick said...

Nice little girl, and I love that hat. My DD has one in lilac :)

9:08 am  
Blogger Lothlorian said...

cool hat!! I have made two for ickle babies for crimbo :) and as always little badger cub is too gorgeous for words and I still wanna steal her ;)

11:09 am  
Blogger Kendra said...

The hat looks great. How annoying about the yarn!

4:28 pm  
Blogger pictish said...

Yes I SHOULD have recognised it seeing as I had it in my paws not so long since ;-) Anyhow by my calcs you should need 13 balls for the second 40" size. If you're doing that please let me know cos it sounds like I'm going to run out as well :-(

And little badg could bring in a bit of dosh if you got her modelling professionally you know :-D

5:26 pm  
Blogger dreamcatcher said...

The hat is wonderful, might have to get that book and size the pattern up for me :-D

I feel your pain on the yarn situation, am running out near the end of the capelet and have had to order more today (I swear that pattern was just thrown together!)

6:13 pm  
Blogger Rain said...

Little badger looks adorable in that hat, it's so pretty.

Hope you manager to get yarn that isn't too different.

6:47 pm  
Blogger allybea said...

Totally cool hat and what a great model!

I see someone else has pointed yarnharlot's method of fixing wonky cables.

8:57 pm  
Blogger terri said...

I can't believe you've not got enough wool!!!!!!!!! nightmare!
I'll wait to start mine to see how much short you are I think?

10:48 am  
Blogger Daisy said...

That is a very groovy hat! I wonder whether my nephews would like one each?!

4:08 pm  
Anonymous Kai said... hat... scrummy colours!! *wonders if it'll fit on my head...* :)
Lovely, stunning model too! :)

9:54 am  

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