Friday, August 04, 2006

Nailing my colours to the mast

Clearly I was too rash with my last post. Firstly, Dee put my mind at rest over the lace yarn and assured me I would be getting silk at some point - thanks Dee, I promise not to be a grumpster any more! Secondly, I didn't put enough thought into my ramblings when I declared Lancashire as part of the same country as Yorkshire. This was a massive oversight on my part and I feel I should now make amends.

I'm unsure as to when I was first aware of my neighbouring county - it was always spoken of in such derogatory terms that I had visions of a barren land, filled with godless heathens and inbred freaks of nature. Oh how we mocked them, their pitiful cities paling in comparison to our glorious epicentres of culture and technology. We laughed when we beat them at cricket, when our football teams showed up theirs to be the lily livered wusses that they were, when our rugby league clubs wiped the floor with theirs. I grew up happy in the knowledge that I lived in the chosen land, truly it was god's own country.

Then, one day Grandpa Badger came home and told us all the dreadful news. We were leaving my beloved Lancashire and going to live in Yorkshire. There was a great wailing and gnashing of teeth (which was quickly stopped when told I could have a pony), and I swore that I would return home as soon as possible. Alas, time had dulled these memories and I had forgotten just how unique Lancashire is. It should be an independant country and I shall never again make the mistake of believing Yorkshire to be its equal in any way. Please accept my sincere apologies, my fellow Lancastrians.

And now onto knitting! The baby cardi is almost done, it just needs some twiddly lacey bits adding and then I can knit something for me (at last). I also knitted this little garter stitch bib for the soon to be born babe:

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There is absolutely nothing fancy about this bib. No cunning little clever techniques that make you go "ooh", no unique construction, nothing unusual at all. It is from Mason-Dixon Knitting, although really a pattern isn't needed, and is knitted in my leftover rowan denim. I have a real problem with keeping all my leftover yarn bits, irrespective of how small the ball may be. In this instance, it was maybe 3/4 of a ball, and I had no idea of what I could do with it and this proved a fantastic little stashbuster. So small, so quick and so useful!


Blogger Auntie Noo said...

My Ex was from Lancashire and I never did understand all that! - His father was a nightmare for it, proper racist! - I just thought it was funny!!!! That little bib is cute!!

7:37 am  
Anonymous Dee said...

I straddle the divide - fathered by a Yorkshireman, married to a Lancashireman......

7:40 am  
Blogger Seahorse said...

Ahem!!! *sharpens extra pointy Inox and disguises it inside a white rose* :p

9:16 am  
Blogger nanatoo said...


9:33 am  
Blogger Rain said...

I'm ashamed at how easily you were bribed! Fancy deserting us for a pony.

I have to admit that Yorkshire is a beautiful place, just a shame about the inhabitants ;)

The bib is cute. I hang on to small amounts too as you never know....

10:43 am  
Blogger Helen said...

Most of my family are from Yorkshire, but I was born in Lancashire and live there now. They'd never let me play cricket with them when I was a kiddy! Cruel lot, Yorkies - didn't stop me from marrying one though ;)

Nice use of leftovers there!

10:43 am  
Anonymous Silvia said...

Well I moved to yorkshire from Germany almost 12 years ago!! So i can say anything I like about Yorkshire and its inhabitance. I married a Yorkshireman to top it all of.Yorkshire is wonderful 'God's country' I am told over and over again. full of Men who are so tight they can be classed as Anal. The county which has a pudding that isn't one and which you are supposed to eat first! Where Nowt's Take Owt and people don't speak propper....but I love love love it to bits because it's home and I would not want to live anywhere else

2:09 pm  
Blogger dreamcatcher said...

LOL!!!! I'm married to a Yorkshireman, who takes great delight in having a go at Lancashire in humourous terms from time to time :-) I do love North Yorkshire though, just spent a wonderful few days there in July.

6:15 pm  
Anonymous northern monkey said...

Apology accepted.

9:41 pm  
Blogger Lothlorian said...

I can quite safely say I dont understand ANYTHING you guys are talking about but it is quite amausing to read, as for the bib....excuse me a second AWWW OOOOOKK too cute ;)

ok better now

8:46 am  
Blogger acrylik said...

LOL - ahhh, good to see a good Lancashire crowd here - I married a County Durham man (and got dragged kicking and screaming by my hair to live in his county!) and he's just as bad - it must be a Pennines divide!

The bib is so cute :)

2:13 pm  

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