Monday, October 02, 2006

What would you do?

So, lets suppose that a small person has a hatred of handknits. He has declared he would rather die than wear something his mother had knitted. He rolls his eyes whenever yarn is mentioned (which happens a lot in his household). He basically behaves in the way that typifies many 9 year old males.

What would you do if this small badger asked you to knit him something? If he came to you with a very specific request for a pair of wrist warmers with a yin and yang symbol on them? I'm guessing most of you would probably leap for joy, rush to the LYS and shed a tear that finally your offspring is beginning to appreciate the beauty that is wool. Not me. I promised the boy around 6 months ago that I would make these wrist warmers for him and then promptly forgot. A knitting friend from Swizerland was staying with me this weekend and she asked the boy if he had ever had anything knitted for him (mainly as the badger girl is nearly always clad in knitted goods). The boy looked sad and said "No, I did ask for something, but she never knitted it for me". Oh the shame! What could I do but quickly create a pair of the requested wristies?

Apparently they are cool, so I am now approved of by the boy - at least for the next few days, anyway....