Thursday, June 22, 2006

No sex please, I'm dieting

Well, I went to the open day at Angel Yarns on Sunday and bought a couple of goodies.

There are two balls of DB alpaca silk (the colour is lighter than on the photo, a nice teal shade), a ball of Lana Grossa sock yarn, AY hand dyed sock yarn, Lucy Neatby Celestial Merino (colourway sugar maple), AY 4 ply angora, 3 balls of KSH (again, the colour is not really accurate, it's a very pale greeny grey), Rebecca baby and Kids, "Cool socks, Warm Feet" by Lucy Neatby and a crochet hook!

I'm now on a yarn diet until the Knitting and Stitching show at Ally Pally (stop sniggering, Pictish) and so am going to be knitting from stash.

The first stash project is the Polly Pocket dress from "Miss Bea's Seaside" book. It's knitted in Rowan Denim, whichI've never used before. I got gauge straight away, which is nice, but am not really enjoying it so far. The denim is rough and splitty and the dye that comes off on to my hands is irritating me, even though it washes off easily. The pattern is dull as dishwater and if it weren't for the fact that Baby Badger has expressed an interest in having the dress (I want it, mummy. Knit it me!), I'd have probably abandoned it before now. Sigh.

And those little baby knits I mentioned in a previous post can now be revealed, as they have both been gifted.

The pair on the left are made from the leftovers of the posh sock yarn, hothouse colourway and the other pair are knitted from Regia but I've lost the ballband and can't remember the what the colour's called (muppet that I am)!


Blogger Auntie Noo said...

Love the little socks, and particularly love the colour of your KSH - although all your purchases are lovely - I'm jealous now!! - But will have money saved up for next AY day, and ally pally!!! (well, when I say saved up I mean a gap on my credit card!)

10:22 pm  
Blogger Bronte said...

Tiny socks! So cute and lovely and colourful!

You were very restained with your AY purchases, though. I was tempted by the DK angora and now I wish I'd got some. :-(

(Oh, and Staples don't have squared paper notebooks, at least not on their website. I think this is going to turn into something of a mission!)

7:43 am  
Blogger Seahorse said...

Lovely stash!

The weenie socks are gorgeous.

12:27 pm  
Blogger Catknit said...

lovely little sockies, I seriously need to lose some (yarn) weight, I wonder who will be the first to crack and buy some?

1:23 pm  
Blogger Helen said...

I'd be interested to know what you think of Lucy Neatby's book. I've just got Sensational Knitted Socks, but I looked hard at that one as well.

Is there anything quite as cute as teeny socks? I don't think so :)

6:24 pm  
Blogger pictish said...

What GORGEOUS little sockies!!!! And yes VERY restrained but then you had been a bit UNRESTRAINED previously :)) And who's that sniggering?????

8:29 pm  

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